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A heart by wingsoffreedom123 A heart :iconwingsoffreedom123:wingsoffreedom123 1 0 Church is colorful by wingsoffreedom123 Church is colorful :iconwingsoffreedom123:wingsoffreedom123 0 0 Purple flowers by wingsoffreedom123 Purple flowers :iconwingsoffreedom123:wingsoffreedom123 1 0 MY EMBLEM by wingsoffreedom123 MY EMBLEM :iconwingsoffreedom123:wingsoffreedom123 3 0 LOOK MORE FLOWERS by wingsoffreedom123 LOOK MORE FLOWERS :iconwingsoffreedom123:wingsoffreedom123 2 0 Some pond by wingsoffreedom123 Some pond :iconwingsoffreedom123:wingsoffreedom123 1 0 Me My mom and My sister as owls by wingsoffreedom123 Me My mom and My sister as owls :iconwingsoffreedom123:wingsoffreedom123 1 0 Labyrinth? by wingsoffreedom123 Labyrinth? :iconwingsoffreedom123:wingsoffreedom123 0 0 LOOK AN ORANGE FLOWER by wingsoffreedom123 LOOK AN ORANGE FLOWER :iconwingsoffreedom123:wingsoffreedom123 0 0 A plant with blue by wingsoffreedom123 A plant with blue :iconwingsoffreedom123:wingsoffreedom123 0 1 A circle with flowers by wingsoffreedom123 A circle with flowers :iconwingsoffreedom123:wingsoffreedom123 0 0 A bunch of hearts by wingsoffreedom123 A bunch of hearts :iconwingsoffreedom123:wingsoffreedom123 0 0 Trees by wingsoffreedom123 Trees :iconwingsoffreedom123:wingsoffreedom123 0 0 THE GAMER FAMILY by wingsoffreedom123 THE GAMER FAMILY :iconwingsoffreedom123:wingsoffreedom123 3 2
My mask and My walls
My mask and walls
I made my first mask when I was young.
I didn't realize how dark the world was around me until I was being torn apart by words.
Every day a new scar...
My tiny delicate heart pierced mercilessly.
I was afraid of everyone and everything.
So one day I decided to create a mask
The mask made me stronger.
It made me emotionless but I still was scarred.
So I built walls around my heart.
With my armor I felt safer.
But it meant having to be alone.
I have always distant myself from people I thought could hurt me.
There are only a hand full of people I let near me
Some of the people hurt me more then the ones in the past...
But the others that stayed...
They tore through my walls and tore off my mask.
They showed me that they cared.
They told me "Its OK to free myself from this barrier I put around me."
I opened myself a little more n
:iconwingsoffreedom123:wingsoffreedom123 0 0
Being the Oldest
Being the Oldest
(A/N: this is made from personal experience.)
People that wish to be the older sibling think that its the life. You are left alone to do what you want and you can boss the younger ones around or possibly have mini fans... That's not always the case. Instead of being left alone, you are constantly being followed, your privacy is basically taken and you have to give up things to them. Its stressful. And if you are really lucky, you'll be a third parent or second depending on your parents. And if they are acting up and throwing tantrums, its best to leave it alone because if you try to "help" you are only going to get in trouble. It doesn't matter whether you try to help... You always get in trouble. But when you are down or breakdown for that matter they are the first ones to run to your side. When they see you unhappy they try everything to make you smile. It may not be perfect to
:iconwingsoffreedom123:wingsoffreedom123 0 1


McCree x Reader |Serious|
Jesse McCree was something of an enigma to even those who knew him best. Granted the only ones who knew him well were law enforcement officers, but it was clear that even if you wanted to get close to him, it was practically impossible.
Well, save for one individual.
“Easy, Jesse. Easy.” You coaxed him into the medical bay, helping the heavy man onto one of the examination tables. If it weren’t for you holding him up he would have dropped to the floor a long while ago. You were careful in settling him down, making sure he didn’t slump over and block what little air he had going into his lungs.
The outlaw didn’t think anything of it, trying to play it cool with a pained chuckle. With his currently glitching prosthetic, he pushed the hair out of his face, signature hat lost somewhere in the scramble to get him to safety.
“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were worried about me.” He said with his usual arrogance, albeit quieter.
:iconcappie-tan:cappie-tan 186 26
Time in a Bottle (Tracer x Reader)
Watch Me Gallery
All Overwatch Fanfictions are set in the same universe, unless otherwise stated. Multiple stories with the same character (i.e., Tracer) will all be connected. The Reader is the same one from story to story (With the one specific character), so it will develop a story while still being just a collection of one-shots. 
Information on the Reader Used in the story: Here!
Warning(s): Song
Title: Time in a Bottle 
Pairing: Lena Oxton x Reader
Fandom: Overwatch
Word Count: 1,497
(You are like Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe. You have gotten a magic stone embedded into your back that allows you to control a
:iconentirelybonkers:EntirelyBonkers 116 22
My Imouto-Chan !
There's one thing it's hard to overstate.
It must be how much I love my little chibiko.
What a wonderful twist of fate.
To have met my dear Atsuko.
Despite separating us, all those miles.
She always manages to make me smile.
You're the one who keeps my heart warm.
I can help but fall in love with your charm.
As gracious and sensational as the dove.
Some people may think this is wrong.
But what I feel for you is love.
Let our feelings write us a love song.
:iconmetalkick:Metalkick 1 1
Havoc x Reader
You don't know why you're here. All you know was that your bastard of a father ran off and left you and your mom struggling to pay rent. So now you've come to live with her brother, Colonel Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist, at the East City Eastern Command Center, while she tries to make ends meet. Since it's not working very well, she has handed him complete guardian rights.
There's no telling how long you'll be here, but you try to make the best of it anyway.
You sigh heavily as you drop onto the couch, throwing your head back and saying, "Fire, is there anything I can do?"
"It's Flame, _____. Not Fire." he corrects you. You scowl and sit up straighter.
"But there's nothing to do here."
"Find something."
You grit your teeth. He's being helpful. You stand up with a sarcastic eye roll.
"Can I go find some lunch? It's after noon, Uncle Mustang."
"Don't call me that." His tone is softer as he says this. "Call me Roy or Mustang."
"Alright, Uncle Roy."
He looks at you with those fathomless
:iconflamealchemistlove:FlameAlchemistLove 111 38
Count On Me (Ittoki Otoya x Reader)

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea,
I'll sail the world to find you
If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see,
I'll be the light to guide you
Find out what we're made of
When we are called to help our friends in need

I looked around the throng of people, trying to find ____, my best friend. We were at the mall for a book signing of her favorite author. Originally, she planned to go by herself, but I didn’t trust her with directions that much so I volunteered to come with her. The author was really popular so, naturally, there were a lot of people and as we were walking off the line of people, we got separated.
            I craned my neck higher to get a glimpse of her (h/c) hair. And maybe if I stand a bit higher she could see my red hair.
            Suddenly, a cold and sl
:iconmyksz:myksz 175 84
Funny Little World (Kurusu Syo x Reader)

Suddenly I'm famous
And people know my name
I've got a thousand girls just waiting
And therefore it's a shame
That my heart has been captured
By your funny little smile
And finally I'm happy
If only for a while

After STARISH won the UtaPri Award, our sales went higher, we performed oftener, we worked later hours, we sung more songs. Our lives became busier as time went on. Our faces were plastered on several billboards and LED screens around the country. We became so famous that some days we could hear girls screaming, all the way to our dorm—at least that was what the other guys of STARISH told me; I wasn’t at the dorm much since I was usually with ____, shopping, or just staying at her house.
            She was always the one for me, even before I became famous, before I went to Saotome Academy. That sweet little smile of hers captured me instantly the moment we met. I
:iconmyksz:myksz 280 84
SyoxReader: Thursday (part 1)
Author's Note: I felt like making a Syo series too, so here it is!!!>O< I love Syo, and I have 5 series to work on now! Enjoy!>w
:icon109144:109144 50 29
POISON KISS (utapri fanfiction)
WARNING: For those who have only seen Utapri season 1 and intending to watch season 2, there will be minor spoilers in this fanfic.
Okay, I warned you.
Also, this fanfic will keep switching POV's so look out for them ^^
I swear this idea bugged me ever since I just happened to wake up at 5:30am for no reason. I couldn't go back to sleep so I decided to write everything down :)
Today's pairing will be... Mizake Ai x You >v<
Yay! I find ai quite cute actually <3
So yesh, ai fans, utapri fans, I dedicate this to you guys ^^
Oh yes, and the title, Poison Kiss, is the same as Quartet Night's poison kiss so yeah,
Anyways (what am I blabbing on about)
I hope you enjoy >w
:iconcellesticca:cellesticca 109 35
Edward Elric X Reader
“___________!” Glancing up you saw Edward, your only friend. “Hey…” you mumbled as you dug deeper into your jacket. Sadly you were trying to hide the scars your mother had made. “Come on, I want to show you something!” he said happily taking your hand and dragging you to his house. “Oh hello ___________” Said Ed’s mom as you walked through the door. “Hello Mrs. Elric” You greeted politely. Then Ed took your hand, once more and brought you to the basement, where you saw Alphonse. “Hi Alphonse” you said in a whisper. He greeted you then Ed told you to stand by the wall, so you did. He and Al bent down by some circle thing; they called it a transmutation circle, in the center of the room. Moments later it started to glow then a doll lay in the center. Ed grabbed it and walked over to you “Here!” he said with a smile. Unsure what to do, you poked it. It seemed safe at least. Then you decided to
:iconwrittenwordoflove:writtenwordoflove 615 492
Edward Elric X Reader part 3
Its the moment you've all been waiting for. Day and Night checking to see if I, LilyJump13 had made this wonderful story you all love... Part 3 of Edward Elric X Reader... Will you meet him again? Wait and see...
Last Time~~ 
Riza's P.O.V. ~~ 

I walked towards the Elric brothers train. I saw them get off and walk towards me. "Hello," I saluted. Ed saluted, "So why did Colonel Bastard bring us back?" I smiled, "You'll see, at least your on time." I walked back towards the car i got to escort them. "What are we on time for?" Al asked, but i stayed quiet while Ed got frustrated thinking why Colonel wanted them.Everything is going as planned, lets just hope nothing will go wrong, I thought. 

Your P.O.V. 
You woke up by some one gently shaking you and chanting, "_____! _______!" It was Havoc, he was shaking you waking for some reason. He was the one you told you to go and rest. "What do you want, Havoc?" Havoc s
:iconlilyjump13:LilyJump13 218 332
Edward Elric X Reader Part 2
A/N: I'm not going to put lyrics so here it is, you've been waiting for such a long time and I'm so sorry! I'm sorry cause i got tons of views and favorites but i haven't post the story so here it is!! I love all of you and i love that all of you supported me to do this! Thank you and here is the story~~ 

Havoc rubbed the back of his head, "F cup...." You laughed at Havocs obsession for boobs. You and everyone else in the room started talking about random stuff, military stuff, and personal stuff. They were like family to you, but for some reason Ed was different. You loved his childish ways, rants, and all of his flaws. You also loved the good things and how he would watch over the people he loves to the end of the world. That people, is a real man. No offense to other men, trust me, Ed is the total package a good personality, good looks, humor, and nice smile. You loved everything about him, you noticed that when you locked up in a cell with him
:iconlilyjump13:LilyJump13 172 54
Edward Elric X Reader ~Your Love Is My Drug Part 1
~Maybe I need some rehab, or maybe just need some sleep
I've got a sick obsession, I'm seeing it in my dreams
I'm looking down every alley, I'm making those desperate calls
Im staying up all night hoping, Hit my head against the walls~
You sat there on Roy's leather chair, spinning in circles. Getting stares from the people in the room. "Are you okay, ________?" Riza asked you, standing next to the Colonels desk. You stopped, bags under your (e/c) eyes. You hugged your knees, "I don't... know..."
"Have you been getting sleep?" Havoc asked staring at your eyes. You glared at him, not because he asked that question. Only because of your eyes and it bothered you that he was staring at it so intently, "No, do i look like i had sleep?!" He moved back a bit in his chair, almost falling backwards. "You should go home for the day," Riza said stretching her hand towards you. You sighed heavily, getting up from the Colonels chair. You walked out of the room, leaving the officers wondering what w
:iconlilyjump13:LilyJump13 273 92
Claude x Reader: The Shower Scene
I originally wrote this to be a PluiexClaude, since she gave me the idea that Claude stalks me in the bathroom (it's actually just full of spiders). BUT.
I'm changing it to a ClaudexReader.
haha, on with the story.
"CIEL! I LOVE YOU!" You screamed at the computer monitor, after watching the final episode of Black Butler season 2. It had been two days since you last left your house, only leaving your desk to grab food and use the washroom. And really not even then. You and your older brother had been having a Kuro marathon (not an uncommon sight in the (last name) household, but he had gotten sick of Alois' slutty attitude, and left to watch something more worth his while, IE Star Wars.
"AAAUGH, TOO SUGOI," the (hair colour) girl cried as the ending song played, and fake blood dribbled out of her nose.
"Now, what to do?"
"(name)! Get ready to come shopping with me, please!" your mother called up the stairs, into your room.
:iconicarasaurus:Icarasaurus 690 1,078
Edward x Reader - Pancakes
AN: for the FMA and FMAB fans out there. IE, me. And probably like 4 other peoples. Maybe.
This story takes place during the main storyline, but there's not any huge spoilers. I'm trying to keep it fairly non-plotline, so if you haven't seen one series, you can still understand WTF is going on. Ed still has both his automail arm and automail leg.
The midmorning sun shone through your window, white curtains not helping at all. It was time for you to get up, but you really didn't want to. Yesterday's fight training was not sitting well. You were covered in bruises, and your white sleep shirt showed them on your legs. Your trainer and long-time friend, Edward Elric, really wasn't going easy on you.
His brother was back in their hometown of Resembool, and he was stuck here with you, training you, just in case something ever happened. You were a translator for General Mus
:iconicarasaurus:Icarasaurus 435 230
Sick!Edward x Reader - Cough Drops
A light sneeze echoed around the room, its source from a little blond alchemist who was lying down in bed.
Edward Elric had a cold.
Since his brother Alphonse was out getting more medicine for Edward, you had to look after the young alchemist yourself.
You received a call from the armored boy that certain long-haired blond was sick with a bad cold, and that he needed someone to take care of him while Al was out getting more medicine. That ‘someone’ that Al was talking about was you.
Though, in actuality, you were just sitting on the bed opposite of Edward, reading an exciting book.
“Bless you,” you replied bluntly, never taking your eyes off the pages of the book. The alchemist didn’t just have a cold, but he had a sore throat as well.
“Thanks,” Ed rasped. “Are you just gonna sit there?”
“Your brother told me to stay over here and watch over you until he gets back. That’s what I’m doing.”
:iconou81290211:ou81290211 528 221
Edward Elric x teen!reader - Hate and Love
 This is an awesome one xD
The door of Colonel Mustang's office burst open, Edward and Alphonse both walked towards the colonel who was busy with paperwork. Edward grumbled a bit before he slammed both of his hands on mustang's desk.
"Isn't there something we can do today?" Ed said looking extremely bored.
"You can walk around the military. Away from me" Mustang sighed.
"We already did that! Isn't there like, some mission that involves some beating to the head?" Ed whined
"Fine, if you insist." Mustang sighed yet again
" who're we beating up today?" Ed asked excitedly
"Not so fast, Full Metal. This isn't YOUR's ____________'s" Mustang explained
"__-__________? That's great! I love hanging out with her!" Al cheerfully said
"What?! What's so great about _____________? She's just a unsocial, useless, annoying, selfish-"
"Keep talking" a voice boomed from behind Ed, making hi
:iconraikakun:RaikaKun 369 278



no response.
As the potato girl lifted her leg to kick down the door, a familiar voice stopped her. " Sasha, what are you doing, I'm right here." Sasha snapped her head to the voice and her face immediately lit up. "(Name), I was looking for you an-" she started sniffing you. " You went to eat without me?!" you sweat dropped. "Uh..... yeah and since you didn't come I got some for you before they ran out."

She embraced you in a bone crushing hug, saying thank you multiple times. Once she let go, you gave her the bag and she started to wolf down the food. You watched in amazement and in disgust at how your childhood friend can eat so much and so fast. "Ok! Ready to go!" she said as she crumbled the bag and threw it over her shoulder. She began to walk, but stopped when she realized you weren't following her.

"(Name), whats wrong?"



"You are a fat ass!"


**Timeskip to training ground**

You and Sasha were watching Eren get his ass kicked by Ymir because he tripped and accidently glomped Krista's chest. After you calmed down from a laughter fit, you glanced at Mikasa. 'Damn, she looks mega pissed now.' you thought as you shift your gazed from Mikasa to Ymir.

"Oi! What the fuck are you brats doing!"

You flinched when you felt Sasha jump behind you, shielding herself from the Lance Corporal.

"(Last name), What's going on here?"

Levi looked down at you with soft eyes. Yes, you were shorter then shorty-mc-shorty pants by 3 centimeters. You were also, believe it or not, one of his favorites of the younger cadets."Oh....... moring Corporal! And whats going on is, uh , a......... fighting competition?" Levi gave an "are you fucking serious" look. You smiled sheepishly." what is the real reason, (Name)?" You gave a sigh of defeat and started to explain. "Well, Eren tripped and groped Krista's chest." you started blushing and you could see the pink tint on the Corporal's pale cheeks."Tch, all cadets to the stables we are going on an expedition!" Levi walked away without another word. Then you and Sasha went to your rooms and got your 3DMG and went to the stables. Once there you stationed your self next to Sasha and started to pray quietly."Ok lets go!" Commander Ervin yelled.

~into the Giant forest~

Ervin instructed all soldiers to group up in three. It was you, Sasha, and Levi. You were and your team were jumping tree to tree when a titan came racing in and pushed you and your team to a tree. Sasha and Levi landed far from you. and you could've sworn you heard a cracking sound when you landed on the ground. You weren't able to move, the pain prevented you from screaming for help, what was worse the titan was coming after you! Sasha was first to notice you not moving away so she went and attacked the titan. As she was almost to the nape, the titan swung its huge arm and hit her. Then Levi came and saved her. he wanted to help, but he was to far away to make it and you were being picked up. Sasha fell unconscious. The titan Lifted you into its mouth, Levi watched in horror, but the last thing he heard from you were you last requests:

" Levi, protect her please, she was the only one that really understood me. and you, Levi, survive until the very end of this damned war. KILL THESE MOTHER FUCKERS! KILL THEM ALL!!!"

Then you were bit in half. Levi looked down, ashamed that he couldn't save you. As all the memories of you came back to him, Sasha woke up." Where's (Name)! Is she-" Sasha saw your 3DMG lying on the ground, then she looked up at the titan. Her eyes filled with tears." I'm sorry..." Levi whispered as he also began to shed tears." N-no... this can't be.. please tell me she isn't... oh god!*sob*" she started pounding the ground and screamed your name." (NAME)! COME BACK TO ME!!! DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE!!! I NEED YOU! PLEASE DONT!!!!"

~a few years after reader- san's death~

Sasha was walking around camp. She was thinking of her best friend, you, because today was your birthday. She went to your grave and left flowers and said her morning speech of the day. She remembered all the good times you had together. she smiled a little. Suddenly at the corner of her eye, she saw what looked like you standing beside your bed! She looked again and saw the back of you, so she ran to the room you two once shared. When she got there, you weren't there anymore." I could've sworn I saw her in here." she looked around, but nothing. then she saw a note that said:

To: Sasha
From: Best Friend

She picked it up and started reading it:

Dear Sasha,

Its me, (Name)! I've missed you so much since I came to the after life. I've watched over you since the day I departed. You've grown stronger since then. I'm proud of you. And thank you for the flowers! they are so pretty! how did you know I liked (favorite flower)! Anyway I have to go now. Remember I'll be protecting you and the others. Good-bye my dearest best friend.

P.S: Don't stop eating them potato's!
                                                                                                       Love your best friend,
                                                                                                                        (full name)
She started tearing up. She then looked at you grave from the bedroom. It was positioned just right under a tree on a hill. She looked down at the note and said " Thank you, (Name). Thank you.


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